Health Care Costs Continue to Grow

One thing is certain as we head into 2020, health care costs continue to rise. Here are some of the key statistics reported in 2019:

  • $3.8 trillion is the predicted health care spend in 2019[1]
  • 4.8% is the predicted increase in health care spend in 2019[2]
  • 5.7% is the average rate national health spending is predicted to grow per year through 2027[3]
  • 17.9% of the U.S. GDP was health care spending in 2017 and expected to rise at a rate .8% faster than GDP[4]
  • $1.388 trillion paid by privately insured, self-insured or others not insured by Medicare and Medicaid[5]
  • $1.152 trillion in estimated hospital revenues in 2017[6]
  • 153 million people are covered under health coverage provided by an employer[7]
  • 61% of covered workers are enrolled in plans that are either partially or completely self-funded[8]
  • $20,576 is the average premium for family coverage[9]
  • 14.5% of in-network hospital admissions generated at least one associated out-of-network bill[10]


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